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Human Rights Association (IHD) Malatya branch released a report on the incident in Sürgü, in the province of Malatya where the house of an Alevi family was attacked by a group of nationalist Turkish people on 27 July on the grounds that the family complaint about the Ramadan drummer (who plays drum on streets at midnight along Ramadan month to wake people up for the meal eaten before starting fasting in Ramadan).

The report which was prepared by IHD Malatya Branch chair Servet Akbudak, secretary Ramazan Kuzu, board members lawyer Ali Hamamcı, Suphi Güvenç and Nihal Pekaslan pointed out that the current environment in the town could lead to more critical consequences should no measures be taken in the soonest time.

The family subjected to lynching attempt of a nationalist group applied to IHD Malatya Branch on 29 June, two days after the incident, expressing concerns over the threats and insults directed to them. Yazının devamını oku »

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Human Rights Association (IHD) Diyarbakır Branch released an observation report on the unpermitted peaceful and democratic 14 July rally in Diyarbakır. Making a press conference on the report, Branch Chair Raci Bilici evaluated the ban on the meeting as a blow against democracy and said that the interventions and preventions in the meeting day are an obvious example of the government authorities’ approach to the 30 year-old Kurdish problem. Yazının devamını oku »

Translated from Özgür Gündem, 5 May 2012.

Prisoners detained in Şakran Prison, notorious since the day it was opened for its violations of all kinds of rights, called for urgent help from human rights organizations and from all feeling individuals. Yazının devamını oku »

As fifteen hunger striker prisoners protesting the rights violations in the Osmaniye T Type Closed Prison are on the verge of death, lawyer Ömer Ayaz from the Human Rights Association (İHD) has pointed out that naked search including the genital areas is inhuman treatment. Yazının devamını oku »

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Financial Times, by David Gardner and Daniel Dombey, March 28th 2012

His pictures and posters are these days almost as ubiquitous as those of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founding father of the modern Turkish nation. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has come to tower over the country’s political landscape. Yazının devamını oku »

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A commentary on the current strategic alliance between the governing party AKP and Islamicist Gulen Community to suppress the Kurdish movement (AKP ve Gülen Cemaati arasında Kürt Hareketi’ni bastırmak için son dönemde gerçekleştirilen stratejik ortaklık üzerine bir yazı)

by – Dr. Aland Mizell Yazının devamını oku »

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