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The Economist, 9 June 2012,

Massacre at Uludere

Turkey’s treatment of the Kurds has a grim new symbol. On December 28th Turkish warplanes bombed Kurdish smugglers crossing into Turkey from Iraq, killing 34. Most were teenagers; the youngest was 12. All came from a pair of villages in the mainly Kurdish township of Uludere. Their families had trouble separating the remains from mules who died. “We pieced them together the best we could and buried them,” says Abdurrahman Yurek, who lost his 16-year-old son. Yazının devamını oku »

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In a report by Wall Street Journal, crediting the US Defense Dept.,, it is stated that the Turkish army executed the blood bath bombing in Roboskî village that killed 34 villagers using the intelligence provided by the USA drones. Yazının devamını oku »
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