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Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Friday in International Conference on Population and Development  that he considered abortion as “murder.” “I am a prime minister who is against Caesarean births. I consider abortion as murder,” Erdogan was quoted as saying by the Anatolia news agency.

“Nobody should have the right to allow this. You either kill a baby in mother’s womb or you kill it after birth. There’s no difference.”

In Turkey, abortion is legal during the first 10 weeks of pregrancy. The woman’s consent is required but if the woman is married, the husband’s consent is also required.

Erdogan, whose governing Justice and Development Party has increasingly assumed deeply conservative and authoritarian policies in civil and political affairs, has repeatedly called on women to have at least three children.

In 2004, Erdogan’s government backed a law criminalising adultery but later abandoned it after intense reactions.

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In a report by Wall Street Journal, crediting the US Defense Dept.,, it is stated that the Turkish army executed the blood bath bombing in Roboskî village that killed 34 villagers using the intelligence provided by the USA drones. Yazının devamını oku »
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Eş Genel Başkanımız Selahattin Demirtaş, gündemdeki gelişmeleri değerlendirdiği grup konuşmasında, 28 Şubat döneminde aydınlar, gazeteciler ve seçilmişlerin tutuklandığı, Yazının devamını oku »


A commentary on the current strategic alliance between the governing party AKP and Islamicist Gulen Community to suppress the Kurdish movement (AKP ve Gülen Cemaati arasında Kürt Hareketi’ni bastırmak için son dönemde gerçekleştirilen stratejik ortaklık üzerine bir yazı)

by – Dr. Aland Mizell Yazının devamını oku »

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