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Aysel Tugluk’s Speech at Paris Victims Memorial in Amed

Posted on: 19/01/2013

aysel tuğlukGreetings Amed! You have received three brave Kurdish women, be greeted Amed!

Amed, today we are mourning the loss of three beautiful hearts, three revolutionary comrades! It breaks our hearts!
We condemn those who brutally assassinated our beautiful roses! We condemn you! We condemn you!

They executed our three female companions deliberately! They were soldiers in the fight for women’s freedom!
Our comrades were Kurdish freedom activists!
Our comrades were executed simply because they
wanted peace, wanted to have a decent life,
wanted our people to have a dignified life!

This massacre is a massacre of women’s struggle for freedom! The bullets were shot against all our women! Fired against all women who want peace and freedom!
This massacre is directed against peace, bullets were
fired towards Imrali! It aims to break the peace!

The murderers and the brains behind this massacre
are obvious! There are those who don’t want to solve the Kurdish issue in a democratic and peaceful manner!
We know these killers very well, we know them very well!

Dear people of Amed, it is very hard to talk when
you feel the loss of our three comrades!
But I will say this, we should carry the flag of
freedom to end! The flag should be worn
proudly & respectably by the Kurdish population,
by all Kurdish women and their mates!

The flag will not fall down! Amed, a freedom struggle
is a struggle that will demand a high price!

Woman, life, liberty! Woman, life, liberty!
Martyrs are immortal

17 January 2013

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