Barış ve Demokrasi Partisi

To Press and Public Opinion

Posted on: 17/11/2012

We are sharing the speech of deputy chairs of our parliamentary group.

The Kurdish Issue came about 90 years ago as a result of the repudiation of the Kurdish people and assimilation politics and Turkification strategies of the Turkish state. Kurdish People has been in struggle for assertion of its identity and legitimate rights for 90 years. The Kurdish People who fall into massacres, forced migrations, poverty and unidentified killings during 90 years, has been continuing to express own demands about the fundamental rights. As for the state authorities’ violence against this struggle, it is increasing. It has been revealed that the state was behind the unidentified killings in the 90’s. In those years, state was repressing the Kurds by the suicides. But now, state kills Kurds by the bombardments like the Roboski Massacre.

In the last thirty years, the work done on behalf of democratization and the Kurdish issue carried out by the Kurdish people and its representatives have been criminalized by the government. Since 2009, 8000 politicians including 6 MPs, 34 elected Mayors and over 200 local BDP activists have been arrested. The expression of the legitimate political views of these MPs and mayors has led to the opening of seven hundred indictments which demand cumulative prison sentences of thousands of years. Turkey’s existence constitution that known as a military coup constitution which is not allowed to even use the right to make press statement. That’s why dozens of Kurdish people die as a result of the security force’s extreme violence in the democratic events. In many press statements not only citizens but also our deputies and mayors are exposed to the deadly attacks by the police. There is not any positive step in order to find out the public offenders of the air bombardment in Roboski Village Massacre. Besides, investigations for crimes against civilians by the state officers are not maintained healthfully.

The AKP government, by arresting politicians also tries to keep people under pressure by means of law enforcement, on the other hand, intensify military operations, and implement an illegal, concentrated isolation to Mr. Abdullah Ocalan who was declared as “Political Will” by 3.5 million people. Mr. Ocalan hasn’t seen his lawyers and family for 476 days. If one considers that nearly 1500 soldiers, guerrillas, police and civilians have lost their lives in the year and a half period that Mr.Öcalan has been held in isolation; it shows how important he is to the establishment of peace in Turkey, It is known that, war has own rules that thought to humanity it should be solved by the common sense. The universal values have been disregarded by the army which is under the command of the AKP Government in the oppression of the Kurdish people. Using of chemical weapons, shooting civilians and the inhumane practices observed at the funerals of those who lost their lives reveals the human dimension of the war which is carried out by the AKP.

Concentrated isolation on Mr. Öcalan, the arrest of politicians, ignored the legitimate claims, the bombing of civilians, the using of chemical weapons and constitutional rights are not allowed evolving towards to social segregation. 64 prisoners started hunger strike on 12 September 2012 who see the this dangerous process in Turkey, for abolition of isolation on Mr. Ocalan to contribute to the creation of the necessary for the social peace, removal of all barriers on mother tongue due to senseless of AKP Government to the democratic and legal demands, the number of hunger strike which is began on 12 September in 708 prisoners are in Also 10.000 more prisoners have started to the hunger strike since 5 November 2012.BDP’s imprisoned mayors and MPs Faysal SARIYILDIZ, Gülser YILDIRIM, Kemal AKTAŞ and İbrahim AYHAN are among these hunger strikers. 359 prisoners who are on the hunger strike are already facing long lasting damage to their nervous system and risk death. 359 prisoners who are on the hunger strike are already facing long lasting damage to their nervous system and risk death. Furthermore, due to the government’s abuse of demonstrators Gıyasettin YALÇIN and Sit KAYA in Mersin E Type Prison have turned the indefinite irreversible hunger strike into a death fast.

We as the BDP, have communicated the hunger strikers’ demands and their importance to the members of the Governing party and opposition parties many times. We have expressed to the our addressees that in case of meeting the demands will provide an opportunity to solving the Kurdish Issue based on democratization of Turkey. Our applications at the parliament to initiate a commission of inquiry have been refused several times by the ruling AKP parliamentarians. All public campaigns like press meetings and rallies, organized by us, the Peace and Democracy Party, to publicize the inmates’ demands, have been subjected to heavy violence by the police. Five BDP deputies and dozens of civilians were injured due in the course of police actions during the press meetings in Turkish cities on 10 November 2012. AKP Government tried to prevent the democratic demonstrations such as chinking billycans in streets, totting, turning of the lights of the houses and workplaces at the same time.

While the prisoners are at fatal risk, the government is spreading disinformation about the hunger strike and its demands. The participants of the hunger strike do not have any individual demands. All the demands are directly related to the democratization of Turkey. Therefore, we feel to support the strikers due to the AKP Government’s insensitive approach. Co-chair of BDP, Mrs. Gültan KIŞANAK, Co cHAir of Democratic Society Congress, Ms. Aysel TUĞLUK, MP for Van, Mr. Özdal ÜÇER, MP for Diyarbakir, Ms. Emine AYNA, MPs for Istanbul, Mr. Sırrı Süreyya ÖNDER and Sebahat TUNCEL, MP for Hakkari, Mr. Adil KURT and Mayor of Diyarbakir, Mr. Osman BAYDEMİR have started an irreversible and indefinite hunger strike on 10 November 2012. It should be take in consideration in the frame of modern democracies that a people and its elected politicians are in hunger strike that cause many deaths as a remedy of the crisis.

At the current stage; the prisoners who are on hunger strike have declared that they wil not accept the medical intervention of prison authorities. We invite you to show solidarity to the ongoing hunger strike that has passed its 65th day, beyond which point there is a high risk of death. Your support will not only contribute to the democratization of Turkey but it will also prevent any deaths in the hunger strike.
15 November 2012

Ms. Pervin Buldan and Dr. İdris BALUKEN
Deputy chairs of BDP Parliamentary Group


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