Barış ve Demokrasi Partisi

I Call on All Our People to Lend an Ear to This Scream

Posted on: 12/11/2012

Letter from Çağlar Demirel, who is the inmate mayor of Derik district of  Mardin and is on hunger strike since 26 October 2012.

All the rights of the Kurds have been usurped for years. Yet the people has never stepped back from the struggle of rights. The Kurds, who have never surrendered by any oppression or any slaughter, stands upright and honourable today, supporting their demands through a clear, principled and determined stance.

It appears that the AKP government does not give up applying violence on those declaring the demands of the Kurds and the inmates. I know that the Kurdish people and the people of Mardin will claim its will and its demands against all those attacks. Although the space of us, of the Kurdish politicians, is confined due to being held in hostage in the prisons, our faith and morale is perfect by the strength the people gives. In these days when our hunger striker comrades are struggling for life, I think that nobody should keep silence. The history will not forgive those who turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the situation.

I call on all our people, the women, the youth, the politicians, intellectuals, writers, artists and all the NGOs to lend an ear to this scream. I salute the women’s leading role in claiming our democratic rights as well as our people’s embracing all those demands… On behalf of the Kurdish woman prisoners in Siirt Prison, I invite everyone to unite our voices for the human dignity, by taking some responsibility and clamping together on our demands.


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