Barış ve Demokrasi Partisi

Either an Honorable Life or a Meaningless Life!

Posted on: 11/11/2012

The letter that Gülser Yıldırım wrote her family, who is one of the imprisoned deputies of Peace and Democracy Party and is one of the hunger strikers in Mardin E-Type Women Prison as of 15 October:

We have joined the indefinite and no-alternate hunger strike with two of my woman comrades, Aynur Coşkun and Fatime Demir. I am on hunger strike with my heart, with my soul, with all my humane emotions and with my personality and also along with the feelings of the mothers who are waiting in the vigils in front of the prison doors.

Silence will bring, as well as itself, a loss of life. As if they are ours, we should embrace the demands and the legitimacy of our friends, who are legitimate as much as human beings, as much as the people and we need to unite our voices. As it is widely known, we have always been on the side of dialogue and peace. However, the mindset of denial and annihilation, which pursues since the establishment of the Republic, continues its duty through the fascist and nationalist politics of AKP government.

The complete isolation held over Abdullah Öcalan, the leadership of the Kurdish people, continues along with the very mindset. This action [hunger strikes] initiated by our friends in the prisons is a result of those policies that carry the purpose of dishnoring.

We love life far more than you might guess, but a life that is honorable. If one cannot live a life with her righteousness and honor and cannot defend in this way, there remains sense of that life. For that reason, hunger strikes have been initiated in order to create honorable peace among peoples, for it to serve for freedom, equality, resolution and a soulful life. Whatever it takes, we say, “either an honorable life or a meaningless life!.


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