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All of Us Will Suffer the Consequences

Posted on: 29/10/2012

Worldwide famous writer Yaşar Kemal shared his thoughts with Osman Baydemir, Diyarbakır Mayor, about the hunger strikes held by prisoners since 12 September 2012. We publish his statement.

Yasar Kemal, on the first day of Eid Al-Adha, appealed to the people in Turkey, where currently hundreds of prisoners are on hunger strike: “Watching people die is inhumane.”.

having been a member of the intermediatory group between the state and the death-fasting prisoners 13 years ago, renowned writer Yaşar Kemal now takes action for the hunger strike carried out by the imprisoned PKK/KCK members.

Visited by the mayor in this context, Yaşar Kemal released a written statement about his talk with Diyarbakır Mayor Osman Baydemir, who these days holds interviews with several intellectuals, artists and NGOs to call correspondence for the hunger strikes going on since 12 September 2012 in the prisons. In his statement, Yaşar Kemal indicated that it is the utmost pain to watch even a single person die as a result of hunger strike.

“Will be the responsibility of all of us”
The famous writer said “This is inhumane. Today, what those people demand at the cost their lives is just a part of human rights within the framework of democracy. While a chance for a settlement still exists ff the deaths cannot be prevented, the responsibility will be on the shoulders of the ruling and the opposition parties, of the media and of all of us. Everyone in this country longs for peace. It is a right of everyone. All of us should object to the interruption of peace. We all have to pave the way for peace. I am sincerely grateful to those who work for it. We shared related opinions with Osman Baydemir, who visited me today.

Baydemir spoke about the interview
After the meeting, Baydemir answered the questions of Taraf reporter. He pointed out that Yaşar Kemal is the common conscience of both Kurds and Turks, of all the cultures and languages living in this country. He added, “we both exchanged our thoughts and had a heart-to-heart talk. I know that he will be in an active position about the issue in the coming days.”

Call on intellectuals and artists
Osman Baydemir said, “Everyone should endeavour for the recognition of the demands of the strikers, for the initiation of the negotiations and for no single striker to die. What Yaşar Kemal mentions in his statement is exactly this.”.

Calling upon all intellectuals and artists of the country to urge their efforts to end the hunger strikes, Baydemir said:

“What I am concerned about is that if one of the strikers lose her or his life, then that also means that it results in the death of the future of the society in Turkey. It means that the desire to live together dies. Damage on the bodies of the people on hunger strike in prison, permanent damage on those bodies means that the desire to live together is also damaged permanently. In this respect, the demands of the people who are now in starvation are the demands that relate to the future of 73 million people of the country. Satisfying these demands means that the negotiations will start and that the hands will be off the trigger. Thus, it means that people are not going to die any more and that the resources will be allocated to economic and social development. I hope that this conscientious rising, this conscientious movement will be seen and in turn it will be corresponded with conscience, reason and justice.”

“We are going to knock on everyone’s door”
Saying that for the hunger strikes to end he will visit everyone regardless of their political stance or belief, Baydemir tells “This does not necessarily requires knocking on doors. I present my call. I want to reach everyone you can think of. Everyone has got something to do on her or his side. I regard all the efforts as an attempt to foster the desire to live together.”.


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