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Human Rights Association’s Report on Malatya Incidents

Posted on: 02/08/2012

Human Rights Association (IHD) Malatya branch released a report on the incident in Sürgü, in the province of Malatya where the house of an Alevi family was attacked by a group of nationalist Turkish people on 27 July on the grounds that the family complaint about the Ramadan drummer (who plays drum on streets at midnight along Ramadan month to wake people up for the meal eaten before starting fasting in Ramadan).

The report which was prepared by IHD Malatya Branch chair Servet Akbudak, secretary Ramazan Kuzu, board members lawyer Ali Hamamcı, Suphi Güvenç and Nihal Pekaslan pointed out that the current environment in the town could lead to more critical consequences should no measures be taken in the soonest time.

The family subjected to lynching attempt of a nationalist group applied to IHD Malatya Branch on 29 June, two days after the incident, expressing concerns over the threats and insults directed to them.

Hasan Evli, a member of the victim Alevi family, said that the discussion broke out after they warned Ramadan drummer Mustafa Evşi who broke the glasses of their house at Thursday night.

“We were threatened to leave the town after we warned the drummer that his attempt to disturb our family was an insult against Alewi people”, said Evli and noted that a group of around 50 people continued to insult their family the following night, claiming that Evli’s family had objected to religious values.

“The following night continued with the threats of a group of over 500 people who chanted slogans saying that the town will be a graveyard for Kurdish and Alewi people. They stoned our house and implied that we would be burnt just like in the Madımak massacre”, Evli said and called on  government officials to ensure security of life in the face of ongoing threats and provocations against Alewi families in the town.

The gendarme authorities in the town and Mayor Faruk Taşdemir have also confirmed that the incident greatened because of some people acting in provocation against the Evli family.

IHD Malatya Branch executives have also spoken to drummer Evşi who claimed that Evli family threatened them and touched the sensibilities of Muslim community. Evşi said the people in the town were right to be agitated.

The IHD report underlined that the incident had emerged as a consequence of the intolerance for different identities, beliefs and values and emphasized that authorities should take necessary measures to prevent further incidents and conflicts in the town.

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