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Human Rights Association’s Report on 14 July Violence in Diyarbakır

Posted on: 18/07/2012

Human Rights Association (IHD) Diyarbakır Branch released an observation report on the unpermitted peaceful and democratic 14 July rally in Diyarbakır. Making a press conference on the report, Branch Chair Raci Bilici evaluated the ban on the meeting as a blow against democracy and said that the interventions and preventions in the meeting day are an obvious example of the government authorities’ approach to the 30 year-old Kurdish problem.

“The ban which caused tension in the city and the region wasn’t revoked despite the demand and calls by all non-governmental organizations in the city and organizers BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) and DTK (Democratic Society Congress) who had declared they were nevertheless going to hold the meeting” underlined Bilici and noted that the ban led to an environment worse than a state of emergency.

“The city was besieged by more than ten thousand police officers who blocked all points of entry and exit and almost invaded each neighborhood, street and way in the city. As the meeting time came, police forces carried out attacks on every moving person, detaining dozens of people and injuring hundreds.” he added.

Below are some of the main points of IHD observation report which was prepared on the basis of data by official sources and media organs;

-The ban on the “Democratic Resistance for Freedom” rally, which had been declared by BDP and DTK one month ago, constituted an obstacle before the people’s freedom of thought expression.

-Police teams visited neighborhoods and threatened people with being subjected to legal procedures in the case of joining the meeting on 13 July evening. Six people were taken into custody one day before the meeting.

-The city was besieged by a large quantity of police teams who even stopped people in cars and subjected them to questioning and violence.

-People driving cars were also stopped and subjected to police questioning and violence.

-The building of BDP provincial office was also blockaded by police at early hours of 14 July morning. People weren’t allowed into the building.

-People coming to Diyarbakır to join the meeting were not allowed out of the city, with some of them taken into custody and some others given pecuniary punishment for their cars.

-Police blockade and obstacles throughout the city gave way to more tension in following hours, leading to conflicts in some places in the afternoon.

-The first intervention was made in BDP and DTK members, mayors, artists, intellectuals and NGO representatives who weren’t allowed to leave the BDP building. Deputies were subjected to police violence for insisting on going to the meeting area.

-Police used intense pressure water and gas bombs while attacking the people more severely as the meeting time approached.

-Some areas in the city turned into a battlefield as police used pressure water and gas bomb against people, even those sitting in cafes and mosques.

– Many BDP deputies and mayors were also injured as a result of police attack with pressure water and gas bombs, included Pervin Buldan, Ayla Akat Ata, Mülkiye Birtane, Diyarbakır Mayor Osman Baydemir and provincial chair Zübeyde Zümrüt.

-Police used real bullet in some places to disperse demonstrators.

– DIHA (Dicle News Agency) reporters Mahsum Sağlık and Mehmet Begüm were also taken into custody.

-Injured people at hospitals were taken into custody by police after receiving treatment at hospital.


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