Barış ve Demokrasi Partisi

Foundation of a democratic constitutional law requires a democratic atmosphere

Posted on: 21/06/2012

Our Central Executive Committee declaration on 19 June 2012:

‘KCK operations’, which is aimed at BDP and said directly by the government officials to be programmed by a particular centrum, has been lastly implemented in Van; Bekir Kaya, the mayor of the city and the remaining mayors of the districts of Van are detained. The intention was that BDP not be able to go out and march in the streets, provincial party organs not be able to work, municipalities of BDP not be able to serve the people. However, the determined stance of the Kurdish people and their strong embracing of the party and their dignity has invalidated all those intentions and plans. It is the proof of the invalidation of those plans that the people of Van has massively and firmly claimed their mayors; party congress of the city Adana has turn out to be a big demonstration, where the KCK operations were applied a number of times; the Conference on Local Administrations has been very successful; the confidence that our allied circles place for BDP has been closely observed to show up in our Dialog Meetings with them and finally each unit and organ of the party regularly and diligently continues functioning.

The penal institutions and the judicial system is yet another field where the violation of human rights are applied heavily by the government that encloses all the “openings” without being even able to open them. In Urfa Prison, 13 prisoners has died in flames recently. It is the Minister of Justice, the government and the Prime Minister who are responsible from these deaths. The revolts that spread from Urfa to the prisons in Osmaniye, Antep and Adana clearly proclaim the situation in the prisons. Denouncing everyone as suspects, imprisoning almost every suspect that it denounced and thus far overpopulating the prisons, the government takes the construction of new prisons as a top topic in its agenda, instead of prioritizing democratization and rightful judiciary.

The concerns over the practices of the government and the incidents in Turkey are increasing in the international arena as well. The conditions of establishing a new democratic constitutional law are getting difficult. We would like to remind that a democratic constitutional law can only be established in a democratic atmosphere. Preparation of a democratic constitutional law that is capable of resolving also the Kurdish question can proceed in a conflict-free and settlement-oriented conditions. Free discussions on new constitutional law cannot be carried out under the circumstances where Mr. Öcalan is detained in absolute isolation for almost one year and young guerrillas and soldiers die every day. On the other hand, what stands as another barrier to a democratic constitutional law is that the Prime Minister still regards the basic rights and liberties of Kurds as ‘red line’ uttering “education in mother tongue divides the country” or “democratic autonomy divides the country”. We, Peace and Democracy Party, will continue our struggle both for a new democratic constitutional law and for the agreeable conditions to establish it in a way that takes the fundamental human rights and liberties on its grounds and includes the demands of all the social sectors.


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