Barış ve Demokrasi Partisi

Emergency Appeal from Şakran Prison

Posted on: 30/05/2012

Translated from Özgür Gündem, 5 May 2012.

Prisoners detained in Şakran Prison, notorious since the day it was opened for its violations of all kinds of rights, called for urgent help from human rights organizations and from all feeling individuals.

In a letter, the prisoners explained the torture and ill-treatment they have been subjected to and asked for help: “Abuse and harassment, full body searches while naked, ill-treatment and various violations of rights are happening here. Any prisoner who gets sick and frequently faints is kept in solitary confinement. A 60-year-old prisoner with a pacemaker was subjected to torture by the guards.” Lawyers also went into action upon the call of the prisoners.

Since February when it was opened until now, many prisoners have been exiled to the Şakran Prison on the Aliaga Penal Enforcement Institution’s campus from many other prisons. They have sent a letter that explains all they have encountered. One of the detainees, Nuriye Erim, exiled to Şakran one and a half months ago, explained that she had lost his wife and that one of his sons was still in Urfa Prison and had two children. ‘They are 10 and 12 years old. But there is no one to bring them to me.’ When they brought me to the prison, they wanted me to get completely undressed. I told the guards, ‘I am your mother’s age. Aren’t you ashamed to strip me?’ Despite this, they forcibly searched me, saying ‘If you won’t strip, we’ll have the soldiers strip you.’ Because of my resistance to this attitude, they beat me and forcing my clothes off me, passed me through an X-ray machine. Bruises formed on my arms and legs. My pride and dignity were also hurt by the strip search. I am lodging a complaint on the physical assault. They have subjected us to bestial, inhuman treatment,” he said.

A prisoner named Gülfer was transferred to Şukran together with her 4-year-old child from Bucak Prison in Burdur. It was said that the prison administration forcibly took the child from its mother and refused permission for the child to stay, saying ‘We do not take children here’. It was explained that the prison administration gave the four-year-old boy to someone close to the mother living in Izmir.

Turkan Ipek was forcibly put into an individual cell because of his sentence of aggravated life imprisonment. Ipek, who is known to suffer from a serious illness, lost consciousness three times. In a letter, he explained that because he stayed alone, he was found too late in many cases and had to be rushed to an emergency room three times in the past few weeks. In addition, it has been pointed out every passing day that the health of Ipek, who is unable to meet his needs alone, is seriously impaired.

In the letter, it was explained that a mentally unstable female prisoner, non-political, who had been thrown into a cell screamed and moaned all day and night. The inmates are extremely disturbed by these sounds.

It was recorded that men were exposed to similar treatments as women. According to a detainee named Kasım Demir, a guard named Ferit at the T2 Prison was emphasized as taking on the roll of Esat Oktay Yildiran, a guard notorious for his torture of prisoners at Diyarbakır prison in the 1980’s. Recently, a 60-year-old prisoner with a pacemaker named İdris Erinç said that he was placed in a cell without cameras and beaten. He was then given solitary confinement for five days. In the letter explaining this, it was also said that 9 prisoners were brought from Bolu Prison and forced by the guards to undergo a strip search and that detainees resisting this treatment were subjected to severe beatings. On the other side, it has been confirmed that in consideration of the continuing treatment in force at the T2 prison, 34 prisoners have started a hunger strike. In the two letters sent, the prisoners have appealed for emergency aid from all human rights organizations in the country, from all protectors of rights, and from all feeling individuals starting first with those in Izmir itself.


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