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Demirtaş: State has no more legitimacy in Diyarbakır

Posted on: 17/04/2012

Saturday Mothers and the Human Rights Association (İHD) demanding justice for enforced disappearances held sit-ins in Diyarbakır, Batman, Istanbul and Cizre today. Speaking in the sit-in in Diyarbakır, Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş has said, “The state has no more legitimacy in Diyarbakır, for there is no justice for the Kurds.”

Demirtaş has pointed out that the governmental agencies only work against the Kurds in Kurdistan by arresting and killing them and noted that it is the state’s -and not the Kurds’- responsibility to persuade the Turkish people for a solution of the Kurdish issue. The week’s sit-in in Diyarbakır was dedicated to disappeared Erol Börü.

The Ministry of Justice’s indifference to the ongoing hunger strikes in prisons as well as the police footages of ‘civil’ Friday prayers were criticized in the sit-in in Batman, where families of missing persons expressed their determination in establishing justice for enforced disappearances cases.

In the 368th sit-in in Istanbul, Saturday Mothers asked the fate of Nurettin Yedigöl who was murdered by torture in custody in 1981. “Those responsible for murders and disappearances have been promoted instead of being punished. The case will not be closed for us until those responsible are tried,” said the mothers.

In Cizre, Dayikên Şemiyê (Saturday Mothers) have told the story of Abdurrahman Akyol who was murdered in 1995. Akyol’s widow Ayşe Akyol has said that her husband was murdered by Major Cemal on duty in Cizre and demanded his trial.

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